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We’re a full service agency with talented designers, coders, animators, planners, videographers, photographers, talkers and listeners. Yes, listeners. We know our stuff, but we know you do too. So we take the time to understand YOUR brand and YOUR goals. And when our clients become our collaborators it’s just like creative magic.

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Different backgrounds from different cities brings a different type of relationship (the really good kind). Our team has designers, animators, creators, organizers, lookers (as in great looking people) and thinkers. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves so we're able to laugh and have fun along the way. But why we're really a special crew is that we work to tell YOUR story.

We'll take the time to listen to your business objectives and collaborate with you to create a successful piece. And we're loyal people that love long term relationships, so we'll try our hardest to make you actually enjoy working with us. We just might even treat you to a delicious craft beer. After all, we are in Portland.

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A Creative Sampler Platter // 2015 Reel

Beauty. Meet Brains.

Vision Plastics Inc

These are some seriously awesome people and they needed a new brand that would show off not only their capabilities, but their rockstar personalities.


Vision Plastics had made significant investments in their equipment and their brand needed to reflect their business capabilities. Picking classic colors with a fun twist along with a clean, modern typeface gave their name the attention it deserved.

Website / Photography

After touring the facility, our team had the same reaction; “this place is so clean”. And our theme for the website was born. Shooting new photos of the facility allowed us to use minimal copy and leverage the new imagery to display the capabilities. Our favorite three C’s: clean, crisp, concise.


This client had an amazing story to tell. Our goal throughout this piece was to capture the innovative knowledge, technologies and capabilities within the company, but more importantly, we wanted to focus on the people of Vision Plastics. It was, after all, the people that made this company unique from the competition and who could genuinely tell the story of their new tagline, “Imagine More.”

It was a thrill to see the excitement on their faces when we showed up on the day of the video shoot with an 8-person crew toting two truckloads worth of video gear. The making-of the video was truly an endeavor built upon teamwork; we were lucky to be working with such an incredible group of people at Vision Plastics. As for the few camera-shy folks, they found other ways to help out behind the scenes (as well as some pretty amazing hiding places) while the camera was rolling.

Business Card

Time to show this shiny new brand off! We replaced the old logo with the new one as far as the eye could see: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, shipping boxes, heck, even on the building.


A little face-lift never hurt anyone, right? In this case, it allowed Vision Plastics to become more competitive in the international and national space. Their new brand not only put a welcoming face to their name, it ultimately gave them the freedom to work with their ideal clients, providing long term successes and building lasting relationships.

HOWL Supply

These guys needed a website that was just as cool as their product line.

Snowboarders are a different breed…especially the HOWL crew. Believe it or not, there is more to snowboarding than saggy pants and grunge. This is a classy bunch and we needed to tell their audience that HOWL has world-class athletes and top-notch products. We designed a site that was sleek and modern to showcase their professionalism and truly separate HOWL from the competition.


After analyzing the old site and learning what worked and didn’t, we understood the importance of having a space dedicated to all things snowboarding. A feed not just pushing the HOWL message, but somewhere people could visit to watch videos, see photos, and just get pumped about winter. The new blog features team riders, contests, the latest videos and much more, yielding a higher site visit duration.


HOWL is proud of their athletes, and wanted to ensure they had a space dedicated to these riders. Each rider has a profile page that features their video, social media accounts, and their featured product to help promote the HOWL product family.


HOWL does a lot more than just gloves and we needed to quickly educate the audience on their various product lines. We created a gallery on the homepage so viewers could immediately see the wide variety of products available. For each glove/mitt, we designed a warmth chart and a sizing chart so viewers would know exactly what size to get and the conditions it is best suited for. To further engage the audience, we included a “Related Products” section so if the product they were on wasn’t the perfect fit, we could serve up some alternatives.

We’re gonna need a montage

When a high tech company announces a new General Manager, you can bet it won’t be in an ordinary way.

Event background

Our client was hosting a large tech conference in Las Vegas, packed with new products and big announcements. The current General Manager would be retiring and we needed to announce the predecessor in a fun way that left employees with a positive image.

What better way to show the GM training his replacement than the most iconic of all training videos? That’s right - a Rocky montage with a comical corporate spin.

Video Script
Video Script

The GM trainee was placed in various outlandish settings: everything from intense physical training to assembling computers, working hard throughout to show he had what it took for the role.

Such props used included a: shake-weight, megaphone, fake blue jay, adult-sized onesie, football player (not to be confused with futbol), golf cart, boxing robe, and to top it off, a speedo. Let’s just say we were fortunate to be working with talent that was far from camera shy and had a good sense of humor.

Lights. Camera. Speedo.

This was an ambitious video shoot: One day and over 20 scenes. We assembled a crew of 18+ people and a few extras (including one butt-double for the speedo scene) to take over an exercise facility and create a mock Rocky montage. The new GM-to-be was pummeled with a swarm of tennis balls, tied to golf carts, drenched in water, and through it all he laughed it off and asked for more. Talk about a good sport!

Show Time

The video was played at the Las Vegas event in front of a large audience. Viewers were laughing throughout the video and left feeling at ease with the transition.

We left those involved on the shoot wondering how that fake blue jay actually came to life in the video since on set, it hung lifelessly from a string. Yeah, we have a little post production magic up our sleeves too.

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We’re like that zany, inventive ice-cream shop down the road that makes ordering an experience. “Lavender basil rose-hip honey ice-cream, you say? I had no idea that even existed...and heck yes I’ll try it!” We know everyone has their own distinct palate so we offer a broad range of capabilities to give you an even broader range of problem solving flavors. Will you take one scoop or twenty?

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